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This guide is intended to teach you about the tactics used by missionary groups and cults


The tactics of missionaries and missionary groups may vary, but there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind that will be helpful in dealing with them.


Some missionaries attempt to develop a rapport with their subject without divulging their own religious affiliation. If you are not sure about the religious identity of the stranger who begins talking to you about religion, ask him directly if he is a believer in Jesus. Be suspicious of an indirect answer.

Don't be deceived by any outward signs of love and caring. Missionaries are taught to make their targets feel more comfortable by making the speaker seem to be genuinely loving and caring. Missionaries are coached by their superiors to not to arouse suspicion.


When talking to a person about religion, a missionary may attempt to elicit as many "I don't know" responses as possible, in order to establish his superiority in matters of religion. Don't allow yourself to be intimidated!

Remember, the missionary has studied for the sole purpose of leading you [the evil non-believer] to swallow― hook, line and sinker ― his fictitious dead man-god Jesus and Christianity. Keep in mind that he is not speaking to you to exchange ideas, but rather to lead you only to his religious delusions. Therefore, feel free to simply end the conversation and walk away.

However, some of you may want to listen to their arguments to be better prepared in case of future encounters on the street or with the door knockers working your neighborhood. The following pointers should give you a basic idea of what to look for.


The missionary may tell you that he (or a Christian friend or acquaintance) was once a non-believer; someone with a traditional family life, etc. This is almost always a lie, so don't let him fool you. The hidden message that he is attempting to convey is that he came to believe in Jesus after praying and getting a burning in his bosom or some such idiocy, therefore, why should you bother to check it out?

He may drop certain catchy phrases or talk about the details of his "traditional" upbringing, all designed to lend more credence to his story. In fact, his "memory" is often the result of careful coaching. Mormons, the other Christian white-meat, fund 17 missionary training centers world-wide to carefully school their "cookie-cutter" missionaries in 12-week crash courses including various foreign languages. In 2005 alone, the Mormons trained over 51000 full-time missionaries.

Usually, all that is necessary to expose the missionary hoax is to ask him to prove his premise that there was a historical Jesus ― god incarnate ― but use independent non-Christian sources. Then demand proof that this dead man-god who is now the Christian'sInvisible Man in the Sky actually created the universe in 6-days or that there was a cunning, walking talking snake and much more. Unfortunately, most people are themselves not knowledgeable enough to be able to expose this type of deception.

In the same vein, the missionary might tell you that he knows the objections to his arguments, and will then proceed to show how such objectives are ill-founded. Don't expect to hear real Old Testament Bible response from such a source. He will not discuss his god (Invisible Man in the Sky) checking camps for turds or dashing babies heads against the rocks. He will not discuss his god's (Invisible Man in the Sky) approval of slavery and hatred of women.


Don't be taken in by the "good cop―bad cop" routine. This routine involves a "bad cop" who threatens the subject, and a "good cop" who protects him from the "bad cop". The subject is so grateful to the "good cop", and so worried about losing the good-will of his protector, that he invariably shows his appreciation by telling the "good cop" what he wants to hear. In similar fashion, the "good" Christian talks about how much he loves mankind etc., while denouncing the "bad" Christians who hate and persecute gays, women, atheists, Catholics, or Jews. Anyone with any knowledge of Christian anti-Semitism will feel grateful to the "good cop," and may automatically judge him to be a friend and reliable ally. Watch out for hidden motives behind such "friendship." It all hides the true bigotry, misogyny and hatred in this fictitious religion.


At the outset, the missionary will talk about his belief that Jesus is the messiah. Many people don't find out until later, often after they have joined the missionaryís Christian group, that their fundamental belief is that Jesus is god incarnate. Any talk about "the messiah" or "son of god" is merely a cover for that belief, basic to both fundamentalist Christianity and unaffiliated Christians. This most basic belief of Christianity is glossed over as much as possible when missionaries talk to non-Christians.


Don't be impressed by the claim that Christians have 50, or 100, or 300 "proofs from the Old Testament" that they are correct in their claims about Jesus. The Hebrew Bible or Old Testament is just as fictitious as the New Testament (or Qur'an). It begins with a 6-day creation of the "UNIVERSE" and goes on to describe a god who is so tired from making the UNIVERSE that (s)he/it has to take a day off. And if any human being works on that day this god will kill him or her. Then the bible tales get even more weird, with a walking talking snake; then god killing every man, woman and child on earth and much much more delusional bull shit.


Very often, the reasoning used by Christian missionaries is circular. That is, the "proof" only points to Jesus if you believe in him in the first place, and therefore is no proof at all. This is the same for any Abrahamic Derivative Religion (ADR) ― Jew, Muslim, Mormon etc. As Carl Sagan once said; " You canít convince a believer of anything; their belief is not based on evidence but a deep-seated need to believe."


If you need advice concerning a missionary problem of this sort, contact people who are familiar with the tactics being used and who know how to deal with them. Visit Dr. Richard Dawkin's web site for the vast wisdom he shares. Also, study the resources identified in Recommended Reading to Correctly Understand Christianity