John Stone

We all have heard a Christian give an uninvited “testimony” by proclaiming that (s)he “believes in Jesus.” Every time I hear this “testimony of ignorance” I am reminded of a pertinent South Park* episode.

Eric Cartman’s Lesson For Every ChristianEric Cartman loses a tooth; places it under his pillow and the “Tooth Fairy” brings him $2. Well Eric suddenly realizes that if only he had more teeth he could earn enough money from the “Tooth Fairy” to buy a Sony PlayStation2.

Eric then collects teeth from all his friends and the dollars roll in. Then one morning the tooth was still there under his pillow where he left it the night before ? and NO MONEY! He screams, “MOM, the Tooth Fairy forgot me!”

Mom, then confesses; “Eric, there is not really a Tooth Fairy. I took your teeth and left the money. BUT you left so many teeth that I don’t have any more money to give you. Now we don’t even have enough left to buy groceries or make the house payment.”

Of course Eric Cartman is stunned at this revelation. Fearing the worst he asks his mother, “Mom, does this mean there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny or Jesus either?”

Mrs. Cartman, patting on the couch beside her, says, “Eric dear, come over here to Mommy, we have some things to talk about.”

So this is why we created this site, Christianity Revealed. Dear people, “we have some things to talk about.”

* South Park episodes may be seen on ComedyCentral each Wednesday at 10pm. SouthPark Studios!

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