Before the alleged birth of Jesus the world was split between two basic cultures, monotheistic Hebrews and polytheistic others. Even after the mythological virgin birth of the demigod Jesus  during the first century, there two basic cultures remained.

Even without Jesus, the Jews would had revolted against Rome and lost.

Even without Jesus, the Romans would have scattered the remaining living Jews to the four corners of their Empire.

As history has shown, once the Jews were no longer any threat to Rome, on the whole they were left alone in every providence of the Roman Empire; to worship as they always had. However, when the followers of the so-called "Christ" ― Invisible Man in the Sky ― officially* came on the scene, the lives of Jews, Muslims and non-believers were on a dooms-day collision course. After the first century, Christians had set their goals to:

1. Show that non-believers were bad and evil;

2.  Show the non-believers the true 'Jesus' way by converting them; and

3.  Disparage all those that did not convert.

If this did not turn the evil Jew, Muslin or non-believer into a Jesus-freak, Christianity’s mission was to either kill them or deport the Jews and take their possessions ― land and wealth they were forced to leave behind. So, how would life have been different for people without Christianity and Jesus, the dead man-god?

Without Jesus ― there would be no threat of death by inquisition, pogroms, crusades or burning at the stake;

Without Jesus ― Jews would not be forced to move from country to country;

Without Jesus ― Jews, Muslims and non-believers would have been left alone in peace;

Without Jesus ― There would never been a mythological deicide to originate anti-Semitism;

Without Jesus ― The world would have been more peaceful and tolerant.

Unfortunately, with Jesus, millions of Jews, Muslims and non-believers have been murdered/slaughtered in his name, and for two thousand years non-Christians have been denied peaceful lives.

"Our god is vengeful! Oh spiteful one, show me who to smite and they shall be smoten." -Homer Jay Simpson (1987-)


* Theodosius (347-395):  On February 27, 380 CE, he declared "Catholic" christianity" the only legitimate imperial religion..



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