John Stone



Jesus (god incarnate) now the Invisible Man in the Sky, the New Testament; who cares??? Zombies clawing their way out of the graves, Herod's fictitious slaughter, bad history and just the total fiction of the Christian [and Hebrew] bible render it meaningless anyway! And then for good measure, into the mix someone threw in a human as a god. This all adds up to be just another tale of mythological fiction!

Jesus was recorded as saying to follow the Law; Paul was to have said NO! So, there you have it Mr. or Mrs. Christian; so what? Two thousand years from now someone may find a book describing Harry Potter using a "willow" stick as a magic wand. Yet another long held "version" may have the stick as a "maple." So what?

When all is said and done; the Christian bible is just fiction, but it is still a virulent anti-Semitic document. It is worthless trash for one! Its essence, its core, its whole is still about ONE THING, and one thing only ― a dead ”man-god who:

·                  Crawled out from the womb;

·                  Cried for food;

·                  Suckled teats;

·                  Sprayed Mary & Joseph with yellow "holy water ;"

·                  Crapped his pants;

·                  Had to learn how to walk and run;

·                  Had to be taught to read and write;

·                  Grew up; and

·                  Was killed - died, dead as a door knob

That is the essence of the Christian fiction recorded in the Christian bible ― all else is merely commentary!

Christians, if you accept that Jesus was a man-god, you HAVE TO ACCEPT THE ABOVE. It is not optional ― it is mandatory! Every one on this planet has gone through mandatory development stages; there are no exceptions. The Christian Bible did not exempt Jesus from them either. Unfortunately, bible-intoxicated Christians reading this essence of a man-god, instead of now knowing what it really mandates, will get mad. They will blindly refuse to see what swallowing the Christian myth actually requires one to accept. Yes, to be a “faithful” Christian, you must check your brain before you enter any house of worship.

And these Christians who are now “mad as hell” that I exposed the essence of Jesus; are the same ones who told their children to believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. Eventually they said, “kids, we lied to you about Santa etc,” but they still have not had the courage to tell their children the truth about the dead man god, Jesus.

They will continue to brainwash their children. Starting at a young and tender age, they make little children sing one of their brainwashing little hymns:

“Jesus loves me, this I know

For the bible tells me so...”1

Jesus and Christianity: this is simply sick, perverted mythology; all based on damn lies!

The same applies to the Jewish religion and its scriptures. The Hebrew bible, like the Christian New Testament, is fictitious; From a 6-day creation of the universe; a cunning, walking, talking snake; big fish tales; world flood and their version of an "Invisible Man in the Sky" ― it is all fiction, a bold sham perpetrated on mankind.

"Gods are fragile things; they may be killed by a whiff of science or a dose of common sense." -Chapman Cohen (1868-1954)



1.  "Jesus Loves Me" was written by Anna Bartlett Warner in 1860 (William B. Bradbury developed the music in 1862). In 3rd world nations, because of its simple and direct message, "Jesus Loves Me" was one of the first hymns missionaries would teach to gain new converts.



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