George Ollie Davis (GOD) is the guy who invented all the traffic laws. He invented the red light, the green light, the stop and yield signs. He made the laws about right turns, left turns, U-turns and turn-on-red and DUI. He also made it illegal to speed or leave the scene of an accident. Offenders were to be fined, license revoked or imprisoned.

In the course of time, there were so many traffic offenders who were in prison and way too many fines to be paid. Considering the dire straits that the traffic situation had rendered on humanity, GOD took his only son, Joshua, bought him a car and sent him out on the road. After about thirty years behind the wheel, Joshua had observed every single traffic law! He was the perfect driver! He had satisfied all his father's demands! So, father George repealed all the traffic laws he had made. His son Joshua had 'fulfilled' them all!

But what about those accumulated prison terms and fines? Father George Ollie Davis (GOD) figured that one good "death sentence/execution" would equal all those driving penalties ― past, present and future ― so he put his son in the hangman's noose to cleanse the driving records of all the miserable motorists. They are all now living in son Joshua's grace! The penalty has been paid, by the son, Joshua Davis whose father ― GOD ― had invented the traffic laws that were just too hard to obey.

A lot of stuff, you say? Laws are made to live by, to be observed, not to be "fulfilled!" One man cannot observe laws for other people? Without traffic laws the world of transportation will be destroyed! One guy on the gallows cannot free any offender from imprisonment or fines.

Bull Shit you say, you know it's a lot of crap! Yet, millions of brainwashed Christian "believers" swear by similar teachings in their New Testament about Jesus (god incarnate ― Invisible Man in the Sky), his commandments, and this idiotic salvation! According to Christian theology their Invisible Man in the Sky gave laws to mankind that all could not possibly be obeyed. Thus poor pitiful man became a 'debtor' to the Divine Bookkeeper in the Sky. So god, the Invisible Man in the Sky, sent his 'son' to 'fulfill' his laws by being killed on a cross; ergo paying mankind's 'debt' in full to daddy. To make matters worse, the 'son' was really god himself, disguised as a man. God, the Invisible Man in the Sky,  committed suicide on a cross to pay mankind's debt.

If so, to WHOM did he pay this debt? According to Christian theology, god really paid ― HIMSELF! God, the Invisible Man in the Sky, took money out of one pocket and put it into the other one! God, the Invisible Man in the Sky, killed himself to pay off debts owed to him! BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE, BAD THEOLOGY AND COMPLETELY DELUSIONAL BULL SHIT!

"When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called religion." -Robert Pirsig (1928-)


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